Realtime Editor Lighting

When I fix the problem with WP uploading GIFs, I can post this sort of thing directly. In the meantime, here’s the room editor which now updates light sources and obstruction in realtime as the room structure changes:

This week is mostly earmarked for editor work, so I should have some editor features to show pretty soon.

Twitter Helps

This morning I just wasn’t feeling like working, but loading up Twitter and taking part in a few small conversations actually got me started.  It’s like the virtual version of those office days when you don’t want to work, but feel the need to look like you’re working, then after five minutes you’re actually working and doing OK.

Thanks Twitter list.  You won’t be forgotten.

With that momentum, today was a major Escape Goat workday.  Where do we stand now?

  1. There are no known bugs.
  2. The editor is working for loading and saving user levels.
  3. The layout of the world and level design is 99% complete.
  4. Sound effects are 90% complete.
  5. Music is 75% complete.
  6. There are a handful of tiles to make.
  7. There are a couple small features yet to be coded
  8. I haven’t yet done very much Evil Checklist testing
Hoping to get this game into playtest very soon.