Soulcaster I & II

“It’s Lovely.”

-Penny Arcade

“It’s thrilling and hard, but totally worth it.”


“I spent the whole night playing it.”


“It’s an entirely unique gameplay concept, and it’s executed extremely well.”


No Weapons. No Magic. Three Fearless Allies.

Soulcaster combines elements of both dungeon crawling and tower defense to create a new type of action-strategy-RPG.

Use skill and strategy to fight through hordes of monsters. Discover secrets, collect treasure and buy powerful upgrades for your allies. Become the Soulcaster and restore peace to the land!

Journey into perilous lands with the ability to summon the spirits of three ancient warriors, each with unique combat skills. Think fast and set up your defenses, because the enemies are relentless!

Each of your allies has unique abilities in combat:

  • Shaedu, the Archer, can take out enemies at a distance and strikes with deadly force
  • Aeox, the Knight, can withstand great damage and will hold enemies at bay
  • Bloodfire, the Alchemist, can throw firebombs over walls, damaging clusters of enemies with each strike

Over 50 stages combined, plus 18 PC-exclusive bonus stages.

14 thoughts on “Soulcaster I & II”

  1. Amazing game MagicalTimeBean! I like all the improvements made from the first game like the name of the levels and the info in the store.

    Just a little constructive comment here, it would be nice if there was some way to make the game widescreen or at least fill the black background with some artwork maybe. The cover art looks gorgeous by the way 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! The stage numbers and names added so much when I put them in. Nathan Fouts actually came up with that idea during playtest.

    The widescreen/fullscreen thing has come up a lot. It’s likely that future games will just be native widescreen and 4:3 users will have to deal with the letterbox. Having optional box art for a background isn’t a bad idea, I’ll experiment with that for the first patch. The art was done by Bruce Glidewell and I agree, it’s freaking radical.

  3. hey great follow up to the original. In particular, I think you’ve done a much better job with the overall aesthetics. the music is new right? very good. and the environments are so much more compelling. amazing work.
    i’m about to write up a review, but i was wondering if you have a press kit or some additional pics of the game. I can use the 4 you’ve made available already, but i’d really love to have more to post to the page. Especially ones of early on in the forest with the flowing water and later with the flowing magma under the mountain. thanks!

  4. What a great job! My favorite indie game on the 360 so far. Was trying a bunch of other dungeon indie game which all failed, but your brilliant mix of gauntlet and tower defense works perfectly !
    I think the concept can be developped further more even, with maybe a real universe to visit with possibility to come back in previous places.
    A 2 player mode could open a lot of possibilities as well…
    Great design and musics overall, waiting for more levels !

  5. It would be nice if there was a way to buy stuff after you start a level. If you start a hard level without enough gear (potions, upgrades, etc) to complete it you can get stuck.

  6. This can be an issue, and a few people in playtest mentioned areas where they got stuck. There were levels that I stocked with items to start, but the ones that don’t have items at the start are that way by design–if you need multiple potions and scrolls to beat it, try a different approach! It’s possible to beat most levels without any items. Good luck!

  7. I only discovered the first Soulcaster a few weeks before number 2 launched, and I fell in love with it immediately. I was real happy when I heard about a second in just a few weeks, and I’m super excited that you did not disappoint. This game was so much fun, most of the levels caused me to seriously rethink the strategy I used in the first on which was great. I do think that if a two player mode was added it would be just great. Can’t wait to see more of what you come up with.

  8. I enjoyed Soulcaster, and I am pleased to say I enjoyed Soulcaster II even more than the original. The final battle was intense and I was awestruck by *his* power. I was more than a little surprised to witness him running around with his scythe, decimating all in his path. I am also glad (sort of) that you nerfed Aeox by adding ranged units, he was just too powerful in the first one. I beat the first Soulcaster several times, and I believe the second one will be the same. All in all, it’s a great series…so keep it up!

  9. I like the series, but I would love it if this was available on Steam! I noticed you’re a part of the Valentine’s Indie Royale Bundle, but not redeemable on Steam 🙁

    Maybe that would be something to work towards? Just a thought!

  10. @Tom, I would love to distribute my games on Steam! I need some more exposure before I can get Valve’s attention, however. I’m hoping this bundle helps with that.

    In the meantime, you can get DRM-free installers for the game if you don’t want to use the Desura client.

  11. Hey !

    I got your games thanks to the Valentine’s Indie Royale Bundle and quite enjoyed them. I however can’t manage to survive very long in level 19 (Path of Temperance) of Soulcaster 2. I’m quickly overwhelmed by the creatures and die (in less than a minute most of the times).

    I did not manage to find any help on the internet. Any tips ? Note that I upgraded almost completely the third soul (bombs) and upgraded partially (i.e. not much) the other two. I also bought a fourth orb.

    Thank you,

  12. @Seb, This sounds like the perfect opportunity for a new thread on GameFaqs! In the meantime, there is a clue in that level at the start…

  13. Hi and thanks for the tip, I had read the clue a few times but I was not sure how to interpret it. Now, I got it and finally finished the game.

    I must say that I really enjoyed the game and look forware for the sequel of the sequel.

    As I had no audio during my play sessions, I’ll definitely download the soundtrack from the bundle and check it !

  14. A magical high-five to you, sir! I really hope you get more exposure on your work!:D These games blew my mind.

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