Soulcaster I & II Are On PC!

The wait is over… you can get these titles right now as part of the Indie Royale bundle!

Already played them on Xbox?  Well I’ve added a few extras to sweeten the deal:

  • Three control schemes:  Original 360 controller, keyboard only (fully remappable!), or click-to-move with keyboard and mouse
  • New challenge rooms:  18 all new levels (8 for Soulcaster, 10 for Soulcaster II) which unlock after beating the campaign. Think of them as time trials with unique combinations of summons.  It even saves your best times for each room!
  • Unlockable campaign modes:  Hard Mode not difficult enough for you? Try going without one of the summons.  Still not had enough? Try beating the game with just the archer!  Your best total time for each campaign mode is also saved.
  • Autosaving.  No more writing down passwords (though I’m gonna miss this).  It is 2012 after all.
  • Option to run in windowed mode or full-screen, stretched to fit or pixel-perfect.

I’m really excited to finally offer these games on PC.  My main project this year so far has been porting these games, and I couldn’t have done this without the help of my crack team of beta testers.  I love you guys!

Time for some screenshots:

Comments are very welcome here!  I hope you enjoy Soulcaster I & II on PC!