Delayed… And some Notes on Feature Cost

Escape Goat 2 is going to be delayed.

I’ve deliberated this decision for the past week or so, and ultimately it’s the right move to make. I’m hoping this post will shed some light on things for those of you who’ve been waiting for the game and were hoping to get it just a week after PAX.

There was a point, a month ago, when it seemed feasible. Just about everything was in place, bugs were at a minimum, and it seemed like only level design and music composition were left on my plate. I’m pretty fast at making levels, so even with the inevitable redesigns (and 50% discard rate), it was totally doable.

There was just one thing that hadn’t quite been fully nailed down, and it lurked in the shadows undetected for months: the map system. (Read the next section if you want the grisly details.)

Preparing for PAX, and the day to day business stuff of running an indie game studio, also devoured whole days at a time this month. While I think it’s possible for me to sprint to the September 10 date, it’ll come at the cost of:

  1. Less playtesting, and thus less polish on the levels
  2. Less time spent on marketing and publicity, and thus lower sales overall

We’ve put 10 months into this project. As much as I want to release it to the world soon, I believe that delaying is the right move to make.

My apologies to everyone who preordered hoping to unwrap a shiny new Escape Goat 2 download on September 10. Please contact me if you want a refund. I’m hoping you stick around though, because this game is going to be a lot of fun.

As of now I’m hesitant to give another launch date. I’m going to save that until after PAX. It would be great to keep it within September, but that’s just an aspiration at this point, not a guarantee.  If you’re at PAX this weekend, be sure to drop by and play the build. And if you are a preorderer, I can apologize to you in person, or try to bribe you with one of our shiny new 1.25″ buttons.

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Escape Goat PC Launch on Indie Royale

The wait is over!  Escape Goat is available on PC, and has debuted in the June Bug Indie Royale bundle.  Get it in the next few days along with some other fantastic games for an unbeatable price.

Before I even had time to write this post, the bundle has already sold 2,200 copies (in under two hours) and even most astonishingly, Escape Goat is trending on Twitter.  Some friends (@DaveVoyles, @MasterBlud and @jmpaul) sent proof of this:


John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote a pretty positive review:

More to come!

Soulcaster I & II PC Combo Pack for $5

For those of you who haven’t yet played the Soulcaster games on PC, here’s your chance to own both at a $1.02 discount compared to buying them separately ($2.99 USD each) on Desura.

The best part is that despite the discount, I make more per sale than I would anywhere else, thanks to the generous terms of the Humble Store.  We’re talking around 90% of your purchase price (give or take a few % based on which payment provider you use).

Huge thanks to Humble for letting me take part in this program. Direct sales from this site is something I’ve wanted for a while.

In case you were wondering: No DRM, no internet connection required while playing.  Just a Windows setup file for each game. Easy Peasy.