Magic Seal Pelts Follow-up: First Week After Price Drop

One week ago, on December 13, I dropped the prices of my first two games, Soulcaster and Soulcaster II, to coincide with an article I wrote for IndieGamerChick (later picked up by Gamasutra).  The short story is that Escape Goat wasn’t selling as well as I hoped, and my hypothesis was that it was because […]

How To Contact the Press About Your Indie Game

My favorite talk from IndieCade last week was Sue Bohle’s PR Clinic.  I could hardly take notes fast enough.  When I mentioned this talk on Twitter, I got some interest from people who couldn’t attend and wanted to know the basics.  So here’s my distillation of Sue’s PR principles. This is all based on the […]

Holding the Line with Scope Creep

Dave Voyles recently posted 0 to Indie in 5 Easy Steps on ArmlessOctopus, a distillation of a panel at PAX 2011.  My favorite advice bit from the five was “manage your scope.”  This is such an important step to take, though for me, not an easy one. In the last few weeks, Escape Goat has really […]