Escape Goat Owners: How to Claim Your Steam Key

Escape Goat is in beta on Steam right now, and I’ve been distributing keys to the various marketplaces and bundles that have sold Escape Goat over the past year and a half. (Crazy that it’s been that long, and it’s just now coming to Steam–it’s like a launch all over again in some ways.)

If you haven’t claimed your Steam key yet, here’s the status based on where you bought the game:

  • Humble Store (bought on this website) – You should have received a link via email
  • IGN Game of the month (also distributed with Humble Store keys) – Contact me
  • Desura – Keys available if you log in (see instructions below)
  • Indie Gala – Use the Desura key you got with the bundle
  • IndieGameStand – Log in to IGS and claim your key
  • Indie Royale – See Desura instructions below
  • Indie Gala – See Desura instructions below
  • Green Light Bundle – Keys will be available in about 2 weeks
  • Others –¬†Contact me

How to claim your Steam key from Desura

  1. Open the Desura client
  2. Click on the blue button at the top left
  3. Click on History>Gifts History
  4. Click on the “your collection” link in blue
  5. Click on “Keys” next to Escape Goat

(Thanks to fluffnugget on the Steam forums for this)

Achievements and Beta Progress:

If you want to go for the achievements in the game, here’s a list of them. ¬†They won’t appear in the client until the game is on the marketplace.

The game should launch within a week or so if all goes according to plan. Let me know if you have any questions or if you have trouble claiming your keys.

7 thoughts on “Escape Goat Owners: How to Claim Your Steam Key”

  1. So far, I haven’t encountered a single bug. Achievements unlocked correctly. (Haven’t done them all yet). Any thoughts about trading cards? And will EG2 (already pre-ordered, of course) be on Steam, too?

  2. Escape Goat 1 has trading cards done, and that’ll be available on launch day. Five in total and they look great! EG2 will also be coming to Steam and GoG.

  3. The game has been on hold while I bring Escape Goat 1 to Steam, but we are in the final stages. I hope to post a progress update soon on this. It will launch on GoG and Steam on the same day.

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