Tales from the Dev Side… and a Price Drop

Soulcaster and Soulcaster II are now 80 Microsoft Points!  Yup, just one US dollar.

This is part of a pricing experiment.

Read more in my guest editorial at IndieGamerChick, including juicy sales data!

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One comment on “Tales from the Dev Side… and a Price Drop
  1. SebastianSB says:

    Worked on me! Granted, a lot of that is because when I originally noticed Soulcaster it was long before I had any confidence in XBLIG. What few titles I had tried were terrible so just sort of wrote the whole thing off.

    A few minutes ago I ended up picking both Soulcasters and Escape Goat.

    You’re certainly correct about the pricing scheme on XBLIG. I know I’m not alone in generally being hesitant to go after three dollar games when there are so many cheaper ones surrounding them.

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