Pathfinding Exhibition

I’ve gotten things to a state where it’s good enough that I want to show it off.  This video shows all the features I’ve put in place, and what happens when they’re removed. It’s kind of like that elementary school science experiment where you bake several batches of cookies and leave out a different ingredient […]

Collision Purgatory

Pixel accurate movement has taken a bit longer than I thought it would. I was expecting about one week to get things operational–I think I got 75% of the way there in a week, but now it’s the final 20% that could take up 80% of the time. Pathfinding and general movement works, but needs […]

Pathfinding Test With 30 Rats

Pathfinding is operational. The rats intelligently pick new routes to flank the player and avoid congestion in the long term. What they don’t do very well yet is avoid clogging up the doorways when they’re already bunched up. They also unnecessarily zigzag a bit, slowing them down and making them look just a bit more […]

Level Analysis: Soulcaster 1

A procedural level builder needs to be able to make fun levels. It took me a while to get the hang of what is fun to do in the Soulcaster world–when making the first Soulcaster, I probably made about 30 bad levels before I found my footing and made some good ones. In this article […]