It Has Begun

It’s time I talk a bit about my next project. Soulcaster 3 Brace yourself.  It’s very placeholdery. Graphics were ripped sloppily from Soulcaster II, and the full screen layout is too ugly to show in its entirety. But let me win you over by explaining bit about the new direction Soulcaster 3 is taking. (For […]

Soulcaster Xbox Speedrun: 0:23:48

Michael Connolly holds the current world record. I don’t know if I can beat this time. Lots of great techniques like summon refreshing and self-tanking, and expert archer placement.  

Bringing Soulcaster from PC/XNA to Newgrounds with HTML5

// intro Two weeks ago, I took my XNA dungeon crawler/tower defense hybrid to Newgrounds. The port was entirely the work of Kevin Gadd who stuck around during the first week to push no fewer than 8 patches.  This was my first launch on a web portal, and this article is about what went right […]