Equipment Systems Improvement

Part of rapidly putting together a prototype is knowing that, at some point, I’ve got to go back and clean up the code. Make it work, first, then make it work right (and finally, make it work fast if you need to). Before I can go any further it’s a good idea to clean up […]

When Creatures Attack

Part of the code upgrade from Soulcaster 2 to Soulcaster 3 is the way creatures attack one another. Since we’re going to have lots of complex equipment, magic, and creatures in the game, there needs to be a flexible system that can handle a wide variety of special abilities:  Life steal, stuns, poison, regen, invulnerability, […]

Back from the Rabbit Hole

GDC is approaching, and I’m showing Escape Goat 2. That gives me less than three weeks to get everything together, meaning I should have something pretty playable in about a week, so I can playtest with a bunch of friends before showing it to the media. For the most part, the new systems are in […]

Getting DPad Input from Thumbsticks in XNA – The Right Way

If you want to simulate 4-way DPad movement with the left or right analog thumbstick in XNA, my advice is to never use Buttons.LeftThumbStickUp, etc. This is because the default behavior doesn’t take into account the dead zone for the stick, which varies from controller to controller.  (The dead zone is the location near the […]