First Prototype – Playtesting Results

Last night, I had the opportunity to show the latest build to some friends, who are developers themselves. Now usually I take pity on any poor soul who has the misfortune of asking a developer to playtest his or her game–but I have to say how impressed I was with their restraint; all three simply […]

Playtest Party Aftermath

This evening was a small scale playtest party with Randy  O’Connor (who had played Escape Goat) and two of his friends (who had not).  Huge props to them for sticking through and playing the WHOLE game start to finish, trading off levels among the three of them.  Things got started around 8 and ended around midnight, […]

Preparing For Tomorrow’s Playtest

This morning was lost to computer issues, but I recovered and came back strong.  Inspired by the awesome Bastion soundtrack, I got pumped up to make some Escape Goat music.  As of this evening, I’ve got drafts and sketches for 14 songs, and only need about 9 final pieces to complete the soundtrack. Tomorrow night […]

Escape Goat Week 2 Mini Testing Party

Week 2 of 3 in the final escape from project Escape Goat is complete.  I held a small testing party with some friends tonight, and am holding 3.5 pages of valuable insight into where the game needs to go from here.  Most of it is small fixes per level, or things I need to keep […]