Escape Goat 2 for PlayStation 4!

At long last… it shall be available on PSN, Tuesday, October 21, in North America for $9.99. At 11AM Pacific Time on launch day, be sure to drop by for… something. Truthfully I don’t know what it’ll be yet. This time I will bring protective headgear though.

Escape Goat Fan Art Contest Results

Today I held a small fan-art contest on Twitter.  The submissions were excellent all around, but one in particular stands out as the clear winner.  I’m going to hang this on my wall:

Soulcaster I & II Are On PC!

The wait is over… you can get these titles right now as part of the Indie Royale bundle! Already played them on Xbox?  Well I’ve added a few extras to sweeten the deal: Three control schemes:  Original 360 controller, keyboard only (fully remappable!), or click-to-move with keyboard and mouse New challenge rooms:  18 all new […]


Side note. Next year, go to PAX Dev.  To all my friends there, have fun, and I am looking forward to the stories! Keith, good luck with your talk, amigo! Back to work for me…