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How I Organize Projects as an Indie Developer

When I was in elementary school, I had a reputation for being completely disorganized. Homework assignments were often lost or forgotten because they were swallowed by the dark abyss that was my backpack. Efforts were made by my teachers and

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Why Escape Goat 2 is (Probably) Not Coming to Xbox Live Indie Games

Last week I spent three days at CasualConnect in San Francisco showing Escape Goat 2, as part of their amazing Indie Prize event. Free demo space, lunches, snacks, and an open bar every day!  I felt like royalty. I wish

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Red Mage Style: Music Direction

What is Music Direction? Music direction is picking which songs the game needs. How long they are, how they’re used in the game, and what style/mood they will have. The goal is to set up the soundtrack to influence the

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Bringing Soulcaster from PC/XNA to Newgrounds with HTML5

// intro Two weeks ago, I took my XNA dungeon crawler/tower defense hybrid to Newgrounds. The port was entirely the work of Kevin Gadd who stuck around during the first week to push no fewer than 8 patches.  This was

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Escape Goat PC Launch on Indie Royale


The wait is over!  Escape Goat is available on PC, and has debuted in the June Bug Indie Royale bundle.  Get it in the next few days along with some other fantastic games for an unbeatable price. Before I even

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T-shirts For Sale

Escape Goat Shirt Logo

For one week only, we’ll be taking orders for Escape Goat and Soulcaster shirts.  Check it out now because orders close [fergcorp_cdt_single date="April 30 2012"]!   Order here!

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Indie Royale Bonus Content Unlocked: Soulcaster Guest Remix Album


It’s official: Indie Royale has added some music content to bundle purchasers, including six never-before-heard Soulcaster remixes done by some talented friends of mine. Back when we were setting up the bundle, the Royale crew asked about adding the Soulcaster

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Getting DPad Input from Thumbsticks in XNA – The Right Way

If you want to simulate 4-way DPad movement with the left or right analog thumbstick in XNA, my advice is to never use Buttons.LeftThumbStickUp, etc. This is because the default behavior doesn’t take into account the dead zone for the

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Magic Seal Pelts Follow-up: First Week After Price Drop

Soulcaster 1 sales Thru Dec 19

One week ago, on December 13, I dropped the prices of my first two games, Soulcaster and Soulcaster II, to coincide with an article I wrote for IndieGamerChick (later picked up by Gamasutra).  The short story is that Escape Goat

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