How To Get Work Composing for Games

Last month, I received four emails from job-seeking game composers–a big jump from my usual one per month. Their pitch letters remind me so much of my own, from back when was hunting for my first gig, 15 years ago. Just like I did, they go about it entirely wrong.  To curb this disturbing trend, […]

Why Soulcaster 3 Will Not Have Persistence Between Runs

I’m a big fan of generosity in game design. My past games have all had infinite lives and quick respawns. So get ready for a break from tradition: When you die in Soulcaster 3, you lose everything. There are no unlockables or upgrades you can take with you to make the next run easier or […]

Scoring in Roguelikes

My new favorite YouTube channel is Matthewmatosis, a collection of in-depth game reviews and commentary. In-depth means really in-depth–30+ minutes in most of the videos. One of the most recent is on Pac-Man and scoring, which explores the phenomenon of the “perfect score” in Pac-Man: something made possible by the fact that a) the game […]