Goat Race!

SpeedRunsLive is hosting a live race of Escape Goat 2! Join in the fun, as a participant or devoted fan, on Saturday, April 26th, starting at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern (19:00 GMT). This is for “any%” so you don’t need to rescue more than 7 sheep… unless you really want to rub it in the nose of the competition.

Nice time from Steam user murlakatamenka
Nice time from Steam user murlakatamenka

I will be participating in the race, though depending on how many pros enter with elite strats, I don’t know how well I will fare. Maybe I should just use a debug version, remove wall clipping and make the goat fly. It doesn’t say anything in the rules about that…

Edit: Okay, so there is a rule against it. Guess I will have to just roll up my sleeves…

Top scorer gains immortality, in the form of a Steam achievement in his or her namesake. See you there!

4 thoughts on “Goat Race!”

  1. Thank you for the invite–I’m not sure I will be able to participate, but I will let you know if so. Thanks for your kind words about the EG2 soundtrack 🙂

  2. Long time no type, Mr. Stocker! There is an award winning game about a harmless character in a top down world that must create stationary towers in its defense called Cubetractor. It might lend some ideas, if you need them. Oh, I hope that S-3 will have players choosing different special abilities/items for summons.

    Also, when I buy E.G. 2, will you benefit more from a purchase on this website instead of Steam, and will buying here provide me with a key? Best of luck with whatever you do next, however you do it!

  3. I saw a video of Cubetractor, looks very interesting! As for new features in S3, it’s not completely nailed down yet. I have a lot of things I want to try. Custom equipment and abilities for the summons sounds great, and moves the game more in the RPG direction–I just have to see how things feel.

    I make a bit more if you buy direct from the Humble widget here, but Steam sales help improve my sales ranking there, so it’s really up to you!

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