5 thoughts on “Escape Goat is Live on Steam!”

  1. I bought this on Steam today and it’s a fantastic game. Very fun. “The only thing better than a magic goat is a magic goat with a mouse friend!”

  2. Congrats! I showed my friends Escape goat and a lot of them bought it and loved it. When Escape goat 2 comes it will be amazing, keep up the good work man!

    I wish a online Level Share and a local multiplayer because play with your cousin,friend or brother and dying every time is so funny 🙂

    Here is the pic of my finish: http://i.imgur.com/zWflwOe.jpg
    100% Finished,i’m so happy and calm now!

    Sorry for my bad english,i’m brazilian.(Yeah,your game is a international game too!)

    I hate the 9/10 Final Path,but i love finish him.

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