Escape Goat is Live on Steam!

If you’ve been following this game at all, you’ll know how long it took to make this happen (one year on Greenlight). At long last, I’m proud to show the game on the front page of the Steam marketplace!  Check it out!

Steam front page

5 thoughts on “Escape Goat is Live on Steam!

  1. I bought this on Steam today and it’s a fantastic game. Very fun. “The only thing better than a magic goat is a magic goat with a mouse friend!”

  2. Congrats! I showed my friends Escape goat and a lot of them bought it and loved it. When Escape goat 2 comes it will be amazing, keep up the good work man!

    I wish a online Level Share and a local multiplayer because play with your cousin,friend or brother and dying every time is so funny :)

    Here is the pic of my finish:
    100% Finished,i’m so happy and calm now!

    Sorry for my bad english,i’m brazilian.(Yeah,your game is a international game too!)

    I hate the 9/10 Final Path,but i love finish him.

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