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Welcome to MagicalTimeBean featuring the Standard Theme.  I had never really been happy with any of the free WordPress themes, so every so often I go on a hunt for a premium theme.  About two weeks ago I was on such a search, digging through the WP theme marketplace online, when my wife Mary pointed out that the theme wasn’t the problem, it was that I never update my site.  She put it in a much more diplomatic way of course, and I launched a personal challenge to post once per day for 15 consecutive days.  Then I would earn my precious new theme.  Well, last night was the last one, and I have to say I’m proud that I’ve been able to keep it going.  And so far I’m enjoying the Standard.  It’s still kind of bare bones around here, but I’ll get the graphics back as soon as I can.

This morning I managed to clean up the Soulcaster and Soulcaster II pages.  They have much more comprehensive links to reviews and other related stuff online, a new bio, and some other general tweaks.


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